A Powerful Approach to Safety

Our Health and Safety module is designed to prevent headaches! The software's centralized library stores all your OHS documents so everyone gets notifications on up-to-date policies and procedures.

We also provide a customizable OHS questionnaire so you can create checklists that are consistant with your polices. Our favourite feature of the OHS module is that it alerts you if an incident happens at any of your site locations so you can respond immediately!

Reporting for Duty

Keep your employees safe, reduce injuries, lower costs, and ensure regulatory compliance with the easiest and most intuitive safety management and reporting software system on the market! You can output accident data directly into State and Provincial regulatory reporting forms at the click of a button.

We also have a whole range of fantastic reports and interactive dashboards that let you summarize all your OHS data across business lines, by geography, by client or even a combination of key business lines. To reduce or eliminate accidents, the OHS reporting module gives you visibility and analysis on the preventative measures that need to be put in place to keep your stakeholders safe.

Fabulous Features

  • The software is simple and easy to use!
  • A dashboard anyone can use to slice and dice your OHS data.
  • A task management system that communicates policies which need to be put in place throughout your sites.
  • A Questionnaire Builder you can tailor to meet your exact needs.
  • An elegant document management system so you can organize all your policies and procedures - and get to them in a snap.
  • The ability to set reminders and alarms to keep you on top of everything you need to deal with!


Instantly access ALL your OHS data for each of your properties, including a centralized repository for your reports, documents, data, site plans, and photographs from your computer or tablet.

Highlight key information for Property Managers, Regional Managers, and Executives with our Role-based dashboards.

Increase compliance assurance and visibility, resulting in reduced non-compliance and associated fines.

Track incidents of Accidents, Near Misses, and Government Labor Inspections.

Merge OHS data directly into government PDF forms.

Manage and report on monthly OHS meeting agendas.

Access information in real time from your tablet or smartphone.

You can track any of the following information in the software

What the OH&S Software Does

OK, this section is for all you propeller heads!

  • The software is sold as a hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) application.
  • You can hold information on commercial properties, retail properties, industrial properties as well as vacant land.
  • The software has a work flow engine that lets you set tasks and make sure they get done through a reminder and sign-off system.
  • The software also integrates with your existing Property Management System like JD Edwards and Yardi and we also integrate with document management systems like SharePoint.
  • Finally the OHS module is available as a stand alone tool or as a fully integrated addition to our suite of Risk Management Solutions.
  • You can store information about the property, individual buildings and even tenants.
  • You can track any of the following information in the software:
    1. Near misses at any of your sites
    2. Accidents, including creation and completion of the appropriate regulatory accident forms by jurisdiction
    3. Management of tasks created by the Joint OHS committee
    4. Questionnaire templates you can connect to any form in the database
    5. The ability to add attachments to Questionnaires

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